Todo List

Member central::client_handler (channel *ch)
limit 1 person to download more than 3 games each day

Member channel::poll (long time)
Better check on incorrect data
More gracious handling when the number of bytes of the data is no real number

Member chatserver::leadership_check (room *r)
Cleanup of the room itself after the last person left a room

Member chatserver::join_channel (std::string channelname)
Passwords on channels.
Let people set a password on a channel, skip the check when people are already member.

Member chatserver::message (std::string text)
flood control
Implement flood control by a test if the same second another message was posted.

Member chatserver::message (std::string text)
implement a more relaxed way so send messages to clients
Do not send data immediatly when messages are distributed but on the moment there was already contact with the client or after a timeout of a second.

Member chatserver::channel_type (std::string type)
add password to channel

Member chatserver::handler (channel *ch)
Check if the current cent_payload = 0 and when not let this new connection wait

Member chatserver::client_handler (channel *ch)
safer implementation of c_member

Member memberlist::memberlist (BaseObjectType *cobject, const Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Glade::Xml > refGlade)
add context menu to this list

Member moros::main_loop (Gtk::Main kit)
Ask central server for URL of central chatserver

Member sig_reload
Also write game data to file

Member sig_reload
Start a new logfile

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