chatserver/room.h File Reference

#include <map>

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class  room_member
 Structure with login information of a member into a channel. More...
class  room
 Information on the status of a chat room. More...


enum  member_status {
  Status_none, Status_muted, Status_member, Status_moderator,
enum  room_type { Room_open, Room_invitation, Room_private }
 Different types of channels:. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum member_status

Status_muted  Member that is only allowed to listen.
Status_member  Normal talking member of the room.
Status_moderator  Member that can moderate other members and appoint moderators.
Status_leader  Special moderator that can unmoderate others.

enum room_type

Different types of channels:.

Room_open  anybody can join and gain speach
Room_invitation  people joining can only read and need to gain speech after that
Room_private  people cannot join or see the room they need to be invited for that

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